Four Helpful Hints for Improving Relationships

There are many areas of our lives, our vehicles, our bodies and our cars that need attention and fine-tuning to remain healthy and balanced.
It takes work and commitment from both individuals to willingly and openly address issues that will ultimately arise.

Here are four hints to help you

1) Are you repeating the same patterns in your relationships?
We will often repeat patterns and maybe attract the same type of individual in our lives.

2) Know that all relationships will bring up our own individual issues.
As Harville Hendrix discusses in his Imago Couple therapy work. The relationship is the therapy.

3) Be aware if you are looking at your partner from a critical perspective.
This can wear on a relationship and ultimately push your lover away.

4) Become more aware of yourself and what your triggers are.
These triggers often give us clues of unresolved issues that need to be explored.

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  • Marko Prelec

    I agree, this is really great article!

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