Fort Lauderdale therapist providing Real solutions ... for A change.


If you want freedom from old thought patterns or beliefs-talk therapy is often not enough. A 'multi-disciplinary' and mind-body healing approach captures the complexity of my training. I have invested in hundreds of hours of training to learn cutting-edge tools to bring to my clients. These include diverse areas like Emdr, Fsap, Hypnosis, Emotion Code, Psyck-K, applied kinesiology, energy psychology, NLP, EFT, TFT, subconscious healing tools, conscious connected breath-work, essential oils among other mind-body healing techniques. These tools are often combined and customized so each client will benefit from what is best for their 'whole self'. I assist my clients with getting in touch with the root cause of the challenge they face and guide them to heal limited beliefs stored in their subconscious minds. My objective is to help you in the quickest way possible and teach you tools to help guide you through life to create lasting change for you. I have a very unique practice and I think 'outside the box'. I help my clients learn to live their true potential and live more fulfilled in the quickest way possible. 

One of my favorite quotes from Carl Jung sums this up. "When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears as fate." 


I am blessed to be doing my life's work. I absolutely love to see how people's lives change, and improve. I offer unique experiential workshops for people who are ready to get out of 'feeling stuck' and to have their life transformed.     

Feel free to look through my website and YouTube videos. This will help you become better acquainted with me. I look forward to helping you on your journey!   




What is most important to me is that my clients receive exceptional therapy provided in the context of unconditional support, acceptance, safety and compassion.


I am a licensed counselor, EMDR and Hypnosis certified, integrative Mind-body therapist, and spiritual and energetic psychotherapist.  I have been providing services in Fort Lauderdale Florida for over 28 years.


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