Relationship Counseling

As social creatures, we require healthy interpersonal relationships for our own health. But sometimes these relationships are a source of stress for us. Whether your romantic relationship is struggling, you're having difficulty with your business partners, or your family or friends are causing you grief, therapy can help you build these into stronger relationships.

Relationships, in whatever form (social, work or intimate) will create problems from time to time. Feelings that are in conflict with love often arise when we become emotionally close with another. In counseling my clients, I often see issues such as abandonment, rejection, fear of intimacy, commitment, guilt, attachment or areas of codependency often arise.

Our understanding and healing of these or any other unresolved issue is crucial in creating healthier, balanced and more fulfilling relationships.

In relationship counseling we will utilize specialized techniques such as Gottman Technique and Imago Therapy. These are two important modalities relevant in the work of relationships.

If you're single, therapy can also help you discover more about yourself, your past patterns, and how you can learn from your experiences to begin dating in a healthier way.

Those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer/questioning have a unique set of challenges to deal with, including heteronormativity, homophobia, discrimination, hatred, and shame, among others.

LGBTQ Therapy can help you deal with these dynamics in a healthy way, and get the most out of life regardless of what others think of you

Are you and your partner, spouse having difficulties in your relationship? Do you argue often?

Do you repeat the same unhealthy patterns in your intimate relationships?

Have you wanted to explore feelings regarding your sexuality?

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